Uyu Uyu Pre-Incan Ruins at Yanque

Cliff-side Stores

Amber Waves

Rebuilt Ruins in the Setting Sun

On the way to Colca Canyon to see the condors, we stayed a night in the village of Yanque. Our hotel seemed to be brand new, and, while only eight units, was perhaps the nicest hotel we stayed at in Peru. It had trendy modern bath fixtures and wood paneling. (It was also the only hotel with climate control at which we stayed.) In the hills nearby there are ruins that date from pre-Incan times.

The top picture shows some structures built into cliff of a mini-canyon (perhaps 25 foot across and 50 feet deep) that our guide told us were essentially pantries for storage. I can only imagine that its relatively out-of-the-way and inconvenient location served some strategic purpose (like keeping it hidden from invading hordes of Incans), but maybe they just liked a challenge.

The middle picture is taken at the site of the ruins looking down to the agricultural lands below. As you can tell by the shadows, the sun was low in the sky and the amber light on the amber grain made for a vivid scene.

The final picture is some of the ruins that have been rebuilt. There were ruins overgrown with cacti that we were told were the untouched state of the walls. It seems difficult to imagine that they could survive so long in relatively pristine conditions. Certainly the conditions at this altitude and climate are different from the mountain jungle seen at Machu Picchu where the vegetation would overgrow and crack up the stones in relatively short order.

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