Harajuku Sunday Afternoon: Free Hugs and Manga Come to Life

Lost Sheep Therapy

On a map, “Harajuku” refers to a train stop on the Japan Rail Yamanote line. However, everybody knows the bridge, called Jinju bridge, about a half a block away from the station is the center of the Harajuku universe.

Harajuku is the least inhibited place I’ve ever been; at least the least inhibited place where most of the population seemed to be sober. There were a couple “Little Bo-Peeps” (sans sheep-wrangling canes) who were delivering random “Free Hugs.”  Most of the load on the bridge on a Sunday afternoon are college girls dressed in full Manga regalia to break free from their life of abject monotony for an afternoon.  

Talking to regular folk: it's good to see her superhero status hasn't gone to her head


2 thoughts on “Harajuku Sunday Afternoon: Free Hugs and Manga Come to Life

    • Many of them will strike a pose if you ask to take their picture. Some of them wear costumes that completely hide their identity.

      I’ve read that this comes out of the fact that these girls are so repressed in there daily college existence (repressed in many meanings of that word) that this is there outlet to establish themselves as individuals with individual personalities and to shine bright in a society that doesn’t necessarily applaud that.

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